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Posted By: Deda
31-Dec-02 - 02:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: Latin Query
Subject: RE: Latin Query
The participle for simulo should be simulans, with an "a", first conjugation. Here are possibilities.
Ne simulo quidem. -- I don't even pretend.

Humilior equidem sum -- surely I'm too modest. I think this conveys some of the sarcasm that's wanted.

Cicero could be incredibly sardonic and ironic, and extremely witty and fast, but it would take a much greater scholar than I am to guess how he would put this. What I don't hink they did was ask a question (me?) as a way of sarcastically conveying "never!".

Alii simulant, certe -- ego, numquam. Some people pretend, sure. Me, never. Then you can plug in other adjectives or verbs -- alii ostentationem agunt, certe -- ego numquam. Some people show off (display ostentation), sure -- me, never.