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Posted By: DMcG
02-Jan-03 - 05:01 AM
Thread Name: PEL: Inner working of Minister's minds?
Subject: RE: PEL: Inner working of Minister's minds?
There is an interesting article in today's Guardian at,3604,867304,00.html discussing the potential effects on alcoholism and raising the issue of noise in streets around pubs no longer being concentrated around 11pm - midnight but now potentially spreading through till morning. (It was raised in the House of Lords, for example, that a car door slamming at 3am may cause more disturbance than a group of revellers at 11pm.)

So the story appears to be that live music needs to be suppressed because of noise and health & safety issues; however the opening hours can be extended with a potential long term impact on health and an almost certain increase in the effects of noise and this raises no issues.

Are we sure there is a mind here to have inner workings?