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02-Jan-03 - 10:54 AM
Thread Name: Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman
(from the singing of Jared MacLean)
(Doerflinger - Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman' - pp 218-219)

Come all ye young fel-lows of Prince Ed-ward Is-land,
come list to my song and I'll tell you the truth:
It's true I'm a na-tive of Prince Ed-ward Is-land,
I'll ad-vise ev-'ry young and sen-si-ble youth.

Now, the boys on the Island, they say they're not happy
to work on the farm; they say it's no good.
They talk foolish nonsense, they're rambunctious crazy,
To go off to Bangor and work in the woods.

Now, a new suit of clothes is prepared for the journey,
a long pair of boots made by Sherwood and Clark,
And a fine Kennebecker filled up with good homespun
and then the young Islander takes his embark.

When he reaches Bangor, gits off at the station,
Old woodsmen gaze on him all with a keen eye,
for they know by the clothes that the youngster is wearing,
It is easily seen that he came from P.I.

Now a lumberjack's life is of short duration,
Made up of tobacco, hard work and bad rum,
But according to Scripture, there are a hereafter,
And the worst of your days, boys, has yet got to come.

The boys of the Island is oft times in trouble,
God, man and the Devil to them's all the same.
Such up-river tearing, blaspheming and swearing,
Drinking and fighting 'tis their down-river game.

Brade Kelley will poison a man with bad whiskey,
For pastime they will banish their lager and ale;
Then on the corner when he does get frisky,
They will call for Tim Carey to take him to jail.

Now, if this be the law, by the mother of Moses,
They have better laws 'mong the heathen Chinees.
They go out and git drunk and come in and git sober,
Thwy go out when they like and come in when they please.