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Posted By: Nemesis
02-Jan-03 - 12:29 PM
Thread Name: PEL: DEMO 27 JANUARY 2003
Subject: PEL: Mtg 6 Jan - Demo 27 2003
                                    Mozart's birthday
                               MONDAY 27 JANUARY 2003 @ 1PM
                               Parliament Square, London

Bring your instrument (AND A GAG -medical-type mouth-coverings work well), but don't play them

Contact:Caroline Kraabel 020 7237 1564.
Caroline is part of the London Musicians' Collective

Groups can get 1/3rd off train fares with Rail companies .. can be purchased on the day apparently. Notify your local press .. spread the word


1) Sign the Licensing of Live Music in England and Wales Petition TO HAVE THE LEGISLATION REWORDED!
Click here

2) Tell the New Tory traitor (The Minister for anti-Culture) what you think at Click here

Or cut n paste email address into URL:

"You suck up to the bosses,
you betray the firefighters,
now you seek to destroy our culture.
You're worse than the Tories
- at least they didn't pretend to represent us -
You thought you were just picking on a bunch of supine semi dead folkies
but you've got another think coming,
you bunch of traitors!"

Attila The Stockbroker

4) Monday 6 January starting 1pm Islington's Union Chapel
Public meeting. A number of high-profile speakers including Hamish Birchall are currently being assembled for this.

The meeting on January 6 is being co-ordinated by Modal UK Ltd - the main vehicle for musics falling outside of Classical, and Pop music.

Modal Uk Ltd Click here
Contact: Mark Ringwood 0870 2430278   
Mark Ringwood
Modal UK Ltd
Tel: 0870 243 0278
Fax: 01243 789787

Modal 2003 - Nottingham 11-14 September