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Posted By: alanabit
03-Jan-03 - 04:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: working NewYears Eve
Subject: RE: BS: working NewYears Eve
Jenny, I don't know exactly what job Gareth does, but I can guess that it involves some sort of public service. What you perceive as callousness is a natural defence of people who see human disaster far too often. They cannot afford to become emotionally involved in every case. Believe me, the general public does not get to hear every word spoken by police officers, firemen or hospital staff - but neither should it! They are entitled to withold sympathy (although not assistance) from those whom they believe do not deserve it. My guess is that Gareth has too frequently seen (and possibly cleared up the mess) of what car thieves or drunken drivers have inflicted on innocent third parties. I do not want to see car thieves killed either, but their well being will always rank as a much lower priority than that of other road users for me. Like you, I do feel sorry for his family.