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Posted By: Gareth
03-Jan-03 - 02:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: working NewYears Eve
Subject: RE: BS: working NewYears Eve
As I Said "as that was a car thief, who wrapped the car he stole around a tree," he may well have been one of lifes unfortunates, would you have prefered that he had hit an unfortunate pedestrian, or other motorist ???

Yes I have some sympathy for the next of kin - but I am not one who automatically blames society, and sees the criminal as victim.

Tell me ?? What social ills are solved by stealing a fellow citizens car and playing "boy racers" in the streets of Cardiff at 4 in the morning.

Tell me ?? What sympathy have you for the person whose old "F" reg car was stolen, and who will not get a replacement paid for by his company, or a massive pay out by the insurance company ??

"All you care about is your cosy, middle class happiness, and damn the rest."

Er ?? Who has the cosy middle class idea and does not care about the rest ???