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Posted By: GUEST,Fred Miller
03-Jan-03 - 06:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: No Smoking-2years on
Subject: RE: No Smoking-2years on
Yuk, dude.... Despite any findings or facts of science, science also shows that the sensible-seeming things we do to reduce risks paradoxically don't wind up reducing risks generally or saving lives, or preventing much in the end. This is because of something called risk homeostasis. And another thing called mortality. Now science can't prove mortality generally, until all the results are in, and science is based on a principle of cause and effect, which can't be tested--one would have to start at the beginning of time and test until the end of time--but loudmouthed proponents of conventional wisdom often have short attention spans. You'd think they'd want to smoke ha ha.

Why do people keep trying to derive moral notions from science? It's just a technique. It's horrid, insensible, and you end up like people blaming gay behavior for AIDS--is there a causal connection, sure, sometimes, and does it invite you to sit up on the creator's shoulder when judgements are handed down? sure, at risk of something that might matter, I don't know. Are you making sense? well, yes, when it's easy to, which reveals something about you. Are you worth listening to? No. You're drunk with a little information that's been spelled out for you, and like a drunk, keep saying the same thing with ever-renewed emphasis and tones of self-congratulations. No offense about drinking, I'm talking about something else. I drink, much as you say you do. Or much more irresponsibly, if you'd prefer. But I'd sooner shoot myself in the head than go through life squabbling about whose choices are going to make points with the Teacher. Mine are worse, you win, go screw yourself.

I don't deny anything about the dangers of smoking, am not in denial, I bet it's worse than anyone thinks, but I find it childish in an extreme way way for people to look at longevity as a report card for one's choices. How did everyone get that a longer life is a better life? I stayed home that day sniffing glue. How can we shake our heads, so knowingly, at a seventy year old man who is out of breath, the poor fool. For the sake of something or other--I don't know the man, I hope he had a beautiful life and dies the same way, whether by cancer, bus fumes, or garage-door opener, as a friend of mine did. Or maybe he "died of cancer at twenty five, ha ha." Listen to yourself. You sound like an alcoholic I know very very well who quit drinking years ago. Turned out it wasn't the problem, he had just turned his simple mean-spiritedness against himself after he made a mistake, and drank to deal with it. Addictive personalities. Health risks. Yuk.