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Posted By: JedMarum
05-Jan-03 - 09:54 AM
Thread Name: Review: Unique Civil War Biography
Subject: RE: Review: Unique Civil War Biography
Thanks for the tip, Stephen. I have just fininshed reading some background on Grant. I read his memoirs, then I read a history by Catton (Grant Takes Command). Great books, both.

I have a military analysis of Lee's effort, written by an author who was critical of Lee's military abilities (basically, he felt that Lee, like Longstreet should have realized that defending from entrenched positions was a far more effective tactic - and Lee should not have lost Gettysburg). I lost interest early on and put the book down - but I'll probably try it again.

I am very interested in Lee - though I have not read anything specifically on him yet (beyond the book I mentioned above). I'm also interested in Jackson. But right now - I am reading about the Irish Brigade (Meagher and company). I started with MY LIFE IN THE IRISH BRIGADE - the memoirs of Pvt Wm McCarter. And now I'm reading another memoir by David Conygnham called THE IRISH BRIGADE AND ITS CAMPAIGNS (it's a bit rah rah Irish guys, with David's political message - but that's part of the history).

Was "Lee & Grant: A Dual Biography" by Gene Smith wriotten recently?