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Posted By: NicoleC
05-Jan-03 - 12:48 PM
Thread Name: New baby fiddle!
Subject: RE: New baby fiddle!
Yep, Oakley, that sounds like this one. I garnered the same basic info off the internet. However, there are apparently copies (of a factory instrument!) out there, and it doesn't have the "JTL" and logo sticker that would show it was an original.

After playing around last night, I'm starting to like the Medio Fino more than the other one... of well, that's why I took them home on approval.

I used to own an extreme number of guitars for someone who really didn't play. I may be turning into that again! But if I keep both, that means I could get rid of my little Chinese factory job, which was going to be my back-up intsrument. Hmmm. Anyone want to find out which falls faster off the side of a building -- a rock or a fiddle? :)