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06-Jan-03 - 09:59 AM
Thread Name: Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman
Subject: Lyr Add: THE SCOW ON COWDEN SHORE (2)
(from the singing of Herbert Hinchey)
(Doerflinger - 'Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman' -pp234-235)

Oh, my name is Larry Gorman, to you I mean no har-rm;
And don't you be offended, for of me you'e hear before.
I can make a song and sing it, and in good metre bring it,
and the title that I'll give it is 'The Scow at Cowden Shore'

We've go men of every nation, with dark and swarthy faces
to gain and occupation I'll wtry and name them o'er/
Island men and Restigouchers, Nashwaakers and Pugmooshers,
All assembled here together round the scow at Cowden Shore.

We got men from oromocto, and more from Riichibucto,
From Frederiction and Bathurst and Macdonals from Baras d'Or.
Night ramps and gallivanters, swift runner and fast canters,
All assemplbe her together round the scow at Cowden Shore.

Oh, there the two young Joyces, with their unhuman voices,
Making all kinds o' noises ontil their throat is sor
A bear-wolf or Indian Devil, he would be far more civil
Than this oncultivated rubbish round the scow at Cowden Shore.

Now, Dan Brown and Billy buggy on night got very gorggy,
the night was dark and foffy, they put up a heduous roar.
Being somewhat agaitated and very much excited,
All hands they did upright it round the scow at Cowden Shore.

Now, there;s the widow Whinney, it's she sells cokeaninny,
and to catch the poor fools' pennies she sells apples by the score.
she sells run and gin and cider, whiskey, ale and fly-beer
that makes them whoop ans stagger round the scow at Cowden Shore

Now, Dan Brown's a splendind singer, and in quadrilles he'll swing her,
good tidin's he will bering her of a new bank kill and more,
She'll laugh and she'll be funny for she knows he's got the money,
And she'll call him her darling honey from the scow at Cowden shore.

Now the dudes they spend their dollars in white shirts and paper collars,
and in good whiskey waller; they'll fight and git them tore.
they'll curse and they will wrangle, each other they will mangle,
They're called hard men to handle on the scow at Cowden shore.

This uses the same tune as the example from Willie Norrad.