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Posted By: Bee-dubya-ell
06-Jan-03 - 08:15 PM
Thread Name: String Changing Tip
Subject: String Changing Tip
Just thought I'd share this little trick I learned from the guy who works on my guitars. When he needs to remove the strings to gain access to the inside of the body of a guitar, he puts a capo on at about the third fret, loosens the strings just enough to pull the bridgepins, and removes the strings at the bridge end only. Thus, the tuners are only unwound a couple of turns and the strings stay in their nut-slots. When he's through working on the guitar it only takes a few seconds to pop the bridgepins back in and tune back up.

I've started using this little trick whenever I change strings on a banjo, mandolin, resonator guitar or any guitar with a tailpiece. I attach the (usually) loop-end string to the tailpiece and pull the string reasonably tight. Then I put a capo on to hold the string in place. It keeps just enough tension on the string to keep the tailpiece end from popping loose. I'm then free to use both hands for properly winding the string onto the tuner shaft.

I don't play fiddle, but I'm sure it would work for them as well. I understand they're rather annoying to change strings on.