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Posted By: Rick Fielding
06-Jan-03 - 09:53 PM
Thread Name: Fielding does it again
Subject: RE: Fielding does it again
Well I AM touched! Or is that "tetched"?!

Washington Phillips, his music, his Dolceola, and the mystery that has surrounded him for so many years, has been an absolute kick for me.

Keeerist the guy was good......and sooooo original I can hardly describe his sound to anyone who hasn't heard him.

I was turned on to him by Sandy Paton (natch) and REALLY turned on to his story by my friend Andy Cohen, perhaps the most "Alive" man I've ever met.

Tonight I discussed Phillips, Paul Mason Howard, and a weird little instrument, that was born, lived a bit, died, and was reborn.

T'is fun.


P.S. I haven't looked at the "Please find my movie" thread yet, but I sure hope someone has....'cauz Heather now thinks I DID dream it!!