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Posted By: Barbara Shaw
07-Jan-03 - 08:17 AM
Thread Name: Live Recording Advice
Subject: RE: Live Recording Advice
Finally got a minidisc recorder, but I'm returning it! After fighting with the thing all day yesterday, I came to the conclusion that it will not do what I want from it.

I was looking for a way to do live recordings and then upload it from minidisc to the computer, where I could put it into cda format. Apparently this is impossible with my (soon to be their) Sony NetMD NZ-N707.

There was no one at the store with sufficient expertise to tell me the gadget had no digital output before I purchased it, only some sort of "check-in, check-out" procedure intended to provide copyright protection to the original recordings. It has lots of bells and whistles and ways to download from the internet and other sources, but the orientation is to put tracks onto the minidisc rather than the other way around. Also, it is necessary to purchase a self-powered mic separately. It connects via a USB port to the computer, and you can use the included software to edit the tracks, but you need to listen to it through headphones.

Or maybe I just never figured out the little beast. Bah humbug.