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Posted By: Jeremiah McCaw
07-Jan-03 - 10:44 AM
Thread Name: Live Recording Advice
Subject: RE: Live Recording Advice
Most irritating thing about the wee Sony MD is just what you've mentioned. Take its neatest potential feature and cripple it - aargh! However, if you got a home MD player deck as well, it should have a digital out (more expense , natch!). I do have to say that doing an analog transfer from the MD to my computer still gives me a better result than any tape-based live recording setup I've heard.

Also, you can get Tascam-type recorders that record to MD; obviously they wouldn't have the portable convenience, but would have more features to use.

I've heard a lot about PZM mics for live recording, particularly to pick up the ambience of the room/hall. I've just gotten an "edge boundary mic" from Radio Shack which I believe is the same thing ($89 Canadian). One thing that's always disappointed me in most live albums is that the crowd reactions (especially singing along) are so muted without some consideration given to recording crowd reaction independent of the stage recording. I'll have a chance to try it out this evening in a session situation; I'll report my impressions.

Whatever route you folks go, best of luck with the project.