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Posted By: Cluin
07-Jan-03 - 01:17 PM
Thread Name: String Changing Tip
Subject: RE: String Changing Tip

Oh, I'm keepin' the Guild. `Specially now that I've finally got it set up just the way I want it. Just that little battery PITA thing. I don't know where I could move the clip to since it's already as close to the hole as it can get and still be attached to the side (on the slope to the upper bout) unless I attach it to one of the back braces and I'm not doing that. The battery lead is long enough to reach well outside the soundhole so connecting it to the battery is not the problem... it's getting my hand inside and up to the clip and manipluating the battery there, since it's a shallow body guitar and a constricted oval soundhole.

Do you know where one of those outside access battery receptacle thingies they put on electric-acoustics now are available? I haven't seen them in the Stew-Mac catalogue or in the other 3 or 4 luthier supplies catalogues I have. Maybe I should look for one of Garth Brooks' old busted up Taks and scavenge the parts? ;)

(I could have PMed you about this, but maybe someone else has this problem too or a solution. I agree an offboard pre/amp EQ would work but my machine already has the onboard thing and I like the convenience of that. I know how to mix this one for the sound I like, though I sometimes use an EQ pedal too for tweaking/notching)