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Posted By: fiddler
08-Jan-03 - 03:40 AM
Thread Name: PEL: DEMO 27 JANUARY 2003
Subject: RE: PEL: DEMO 27 JANUARY 2003
Noting the comments above, who else can we get on board. The comment I have had is contained above - 'I have to work' I feel srteongly about this one and if it is on will be there, barring emergencies here.

I am assuming that the publicity machine has contacted all areas - dance groups, Morris, Country, American, Folk, even gyms with their aerobics who often display at school fetes etc. Folk Clubs, Jazz Clubs, Students Unions, choirs. Obviously the list goes on forever. I only came up with gyms last night - doubt we'd get much support but one person is better than none.

Praps we should consider the 1000 musician thing again - on a Sunday and all play until the Clock Strikes or summat - BUT - I had put that one to bed as the 27th was proposed.

Yesterday I was feeling frivolous today more desponant!