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Posted By: Kim C
08-Jan-03 - 11:15 AM
Thread Name: Review: Unique Civil War Biography
Subject: RE: Review: Unique Civil War Biography
I find Sherman an extremely interesting character. Of course, I can't say that too loudly down here where I live. Sherman was against the Civil War. He rightly thought it was a stupid idea. And like Grant, he failed as a businessman, but shined as a soldier. He had grit and determination.

I adore Stonewall Jackson. Talk about someone with determination! He got into West Point by a stroke of luck, and was so intent on doing well that he studied late into the night by candlelight. As an instructor at VMI, his students made fun of him. He seemed entirely goofy to them, but he knew what was going on. (does that sound like anyone else we know?)

He worked his soldiers hard. I read an anecdote about two soldiers talking. One said, I wish those Yankees would go to hell. His friend replied, I don't! Old Jack would make us march down there after them!

My big hero, though, is Jeb Stuart. There isn't a much prettier sight than a man in uniform on horseback. ;-)