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Posted By: Jeri
12-Jun-99 - 12:41 PM
Thread Name: The Mouse that Roared (Finding Your Voice)
Subject: The Mouse that Roared (Finding Your Voice)
Continued from here: What instruments do catters play?

PJ, it was like that for me, too. The day after I got the free lesson, I tried the things he told me about. I couldn't believe what came out! I got overtones, my nose vibrated, and the volume was almost uncomfortable. It seemed too easy to make such a dramatic improvement. It was a life-changing event, and I sat here with tears in my eyes for a little while.

Some people have known how to sing for their whole lives. I think I used to know, and then forgot it somewhere down the line. I wonder if this happens a lot, or whether I'm an anomaly. People learn how to sing quietly. We live in apartments, we walk around in crowded places, and many of us are just plain afraid of being heard.