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Posted By: Charley Noble
09-Jan-03 - 11:49 AM
Thread Name: Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman
Subject: Lyr Add: THE RED LIGHT SALOON (Oscar Brand)
Couldn't resist adding some more verses for the above, courtesy of Oscar Brand:

From Singing of Oscar Brand
Tune: Sweet Betsey from Pike

The Red Light Saloon

It was early one morning I walked into town.
In sweet recreation I was strolling a-round,
When I spied this hotel in the fore after-noon,
It was sporting a sign said "The Red Light Sa-loon."

I boldly walked in and stepped up to the bar,
Where a pretty young lady said, "Have a cigar."
Well, I took that cigar saying, "Thanks for the boon."
But she said, "That's our way in the Red Light Saloon."

She mussed up my hair and sat down on my knee,
Saying, "You are a logger, that's easy to see."
Saying, "You are a lumberjack, that we all know,
For your muscles are hard from your head to your toe."

She proceeded to test if my muscles were right,
Till I smoked that cigar without striking a light;
My head it was rising just like a balloon,
From the treatment I got at the Red Light Saloon.

It was early next morning I bade her good bye,
She waved from the window, a tear in her eye,
And I did not find out till the middle of June,
I was carrying a keepsake from the Red Light Saloon.

I cursed that young lady till the heavens turned blue,
And with whiskey and women I swore I was through,
But with all of my swearing I'd give my fortune,
Just to be back in bed at the Red Light Saloon.

Charley Noble