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Posted By: khandu
09-Jan-03 - 02:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: How did you choose your mudcat name?
Subject: RE: BS: How did you choose your mudcat name?
Tis a long, long tale, but I shall now copy and paste from the 11th Edition of the Readers Digestion Condensed Book.

And the odd looking cow (not to be confused with the "strange-seeming cow") turned her head and looked back at him with a wicked smile on her face. Old Ken knew he had gone too far with his little "game" and frenetically, he gathered his belongings and ran willy-nilly out of the pasture. (Upon this point, many historians have debated greatly for years. Did he actually run "willy-nilly" which connotes some bit of hesitation, or is it more accurate to say "hurly-burly"? Of course, there are the followers of the theory developed by O'Leary {the O'Leary Theory} who believed that Ken merely "ran".)(See Exhibit "C") Upon leaping the pasture's northern fence, Ken found himself in the path of an 18 wheeler driven full-throttle by the bizarre Rev. B.A. Dick, who, above the roar of the engine, could be heard singing "You Gotta Walk That Lonesome Valley". (See Exhibit "A")

None were more surprised than Ken, when a wounded deer ran willy-nilly (See Exhibit "C") from the forrest, hitting Ken and knocking him from the path of the bizarre Reverend's truck.

Emotionally moved and psychologically disturbed by the noble deer's deed, Kne (who often mis-types his name, putting the "n" where the 'e' should be...see exhibit 12) shouted to his entourage (who follow him 24/7), "I AM kHANDU!!!!"

None dared doubt the truth of it.