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Posted By: katlaughing
13-Jun-99 - 12:10 AM
Thread Name: The Mouse that Roared (Finding Your Voice)
Subject: RE: The Mouse that Roared (Finding Your Voice)
Reading this makes me feel really lucky that we had fun as kids, singing with our parents and friends. I guess because our parents played for dances and we all sang together most saturday nights, that we forgot to grow up and get embarrassed:-) We all been singing ever since i cna remember.

We sang to records when we cleaned house, in the car on trips, etc.

It has stood us in good stead. My sister bet and I had our first "gig" as "Folkfyre", today. She lives four hours away, so we were only able to get together one weekend about 3 weeks ago and last night to rehearse and we added 2 songs yesterday that we didn't know very well.

We used a tape of our first rehearsal to practise to. I had sung a concert with our brother, a classical composer & pianist, before, but never miked and never at a venue where people were walking around, eating, etc. It was at the Wyoming Culture Fest.

Anyway, we were both nervous, but we managed to get up there, both of us miked, as well as bet's baritone uke and gave them about a 45 minute show, which they seemed to've enjoyed, judging by the comments. The best part was when a little girl, who looked about 4 yrs old came up with her grandma later to tell us she really liked the songs we sang!

I am so very grateful to have always felt I had a voice. I haven't sung with my sisters in years, on a consistent basis; now it feels as though we've found "our voice" that we had when singing together as a family.

Keep it us all of you and don't worry about what others think!