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Posted By: Ebbie
09-Jan-03 - 03:31 PM
Thread Name: Superstition: death-causing songs
Subject: RE: Superstition: death-causing songs
Yeh. In order to get myself over the knee-jerk response to certain superstitions from my childhood, I practiced doing just the opposite, i.e., when a black cat crossed in front of me, I'd tell myself: Oh, good! I'm going to have a good day!

Or if I saw a ladder blocking my way, I'd go out of my way to cross under it. (Yes, I know about it being bad luck to knock the ladder down on oneself!)

It worked. The old superstitions may still cross my mind at times, but I'm no longer compelled or even interested in observing them.

I have often wondered- given that so many people, cultures, countries have such great variety of no-nos, how would one observe all of them? No time for anything else, I should think.