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Posted By: Paddy Plastique
10-Jan-03 - 03:43 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Irish (?) Song - Devil & Fiddler
Subject: Lyr Req: Irish (?) Song - Devil & Fiddler
Here I go again - set up a thread (sort of) about this and got shag-all response, so I'll re-phrase it.
I'm looking for the words to a song from the brilliant soundtrack of Pasolini's film of the 'Canterbury Tales' (1972).
All of the music in the film seemed to come from the Topic back catalogue - all the big singers/some instrumental music.
For the opening credits he used a song telling the story of a fiddler who only knew 1 tune and, as I remember, went down to hell and played it for the devil - and probably stayed there.
Has anyone any ideas about what the song might be, the words and the singer???