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Posted By: Nemesis
10-Jan-03 - 05:52 AM
Thread Name: PEL: DEMO 27 JANUARY 2003
Subject: RE: PEL: DEMO 27 JANUARY 2003
I'm down the library . so not completely to hand with resources...

I spoke with Caroline Kraabel yesterday .. her plan is that we converge at about 12.50pm and hold a silent vigil for an hour.

Personally, I think it will have tremendous pathos .. however, as pointed out CAroline does not have online facilities and could be missing a trick by not being touch with current mood/ opinion / ideas. Certainly, if it is not BIG then it is possibly counter productive.

I think being on line and being in touch, with so many people who are travelling along the SOuth Coast to join up with us here in Worthing to travel to London, that (well in fact Carolione was pleased and surprised) Caroline doesn't realise how big this day has become in folks minds nor what supporters might be expecting.

Personally, rather than waste a trip I would like to see a day in London maximised - especially as so many people are travelling so far.

I propose therefore that WE join in the silent vigil and then after the hour is up at 2pm - what?


1) I suggest musicians playing .. and people with big sticks* (labelled License Bill) beating them into silence * those foam rubber baseball bats I mean!! This could go on all afternoon. Bring foam rubber baseball bats.

2) the music of many nations eg like an Olympics Games opening .. different "countries" under different flags playing music and the Brits under the Union Jack sitting silent. bring flags

This way we include street theatre and actors (all effected) as well as musicians.

Personally, I would like to see the Salvation Army recreating the historic battle with Worthing's Skeleton Army and both coming off worse (see No. 1)

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