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Posted By: GUEST,Frank Hamilton
11-Jan-03 - 12:14 PM
Thread Name: Washington Square Memories
Subject: RE: Washington Square Memories
Usta' hang out there on Sunday afternoons. The Folklore Center on MacDougal Street run by Izzy Young was the place.

Mary Travers to be sure (The Amazon of WS), Roger Sprung, with his electric lightbulb in his banjo which lit up when he played fast, my buddy Erik Darling, Jack Elliott Adnopos, Fred Gerlach, the Leadbelly acolyte on 12-string, John Stewart, early on Woody would show up, Dave Sears, The Kossoy Sisters (from Astoria), Harry and Jeannie West (Virginia), Bob Gibson, who in those days played just guitar and sang "I Want To Go Back To Where I Come From" ......Theo Bikel never showed up there but had some great parties in Washington Square Village apartments, Micheal Saul...a great clawhammer banjo player, Woody Wachtel, ditto, of course John Cohen and Tom Paley (before the NLCR) were there, Guy Carawan, Lee Haring, Mike Vidor, Joe Jaffe (could sound just like Pete like Dave Sears), I think Mo Hirsch was there too...a great musician...and whoever you chose to hang out with. There were a lot of little cliques doing the music they liked the best.
Jerry Silverman, Ethel Raim (Pennywhistlers), and I think Freddie Hellerman might have shown up once in a while. Don't remember seeing Pete there much. Cafe Rienzis was a local hangout as well as Figaros on the corner of Bleeker and MacDougal. The Caracature had a back room for pickers. A lot of playing was done on the subways at that time.