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Posted By: catspaw49
11-Jan-03 - 01:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: Pete Townshend a Child Fondler?
Subject: RE: BS: Pete Townshend a Child Fondler?
So what? Yet another Big Brother campaign. I'm not advocating child pornography, but the question of if he paid would enter into my thinking. I'm more bothered though that Joe Average can find kiddie porn with ease and often quite by money involved. So if you stumble onto any unsavory sight does this make you a whatever?

About two years back I was looking for a downloadable and printable calendar with angels on it for a friend. I came onto a site about angels and calendars that was nothing but young girls photographed in the nude. I stayed awhile and went to their links page and was amazed at the number of sites and many were completely free. Does this make me a pedophile? If some remnant of that is left somewhere in the guts of the computer am I guilty of something?

I like some old-fashioned porn but that stuff was unreal. The "Disclaimer" material was an interesting read as well. Kiddie porn has always been a tough one to break and far more prevalent than I would ever have believed. But even more, I worry about a big brother approach that spys on everything. I really don't know how you bust the one without stepping on the other in a rights violation. Much as I might abhor kiddie porn, the long term and more significant issue is civil rights.