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11-Jan-03 - 07:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: Pete Townshend a Child Fondler?
Subject: RE: BS: Pete Townshend a Child Fondler?
Morality isn't so much the issue for me, as the harm done to victims of the crimes committed to create pornography and in conjunction with the commission of harmless, nor is it a victimless crime. Pornography of any kind isn't wrong because it's about sex, because that isn't what it's about. Adult erotica is about sex. Pornography is about victimisation. It is wrong because it victimises people who perform the sex acts, are beaten on film/video as part of it, who are working in conjunction with pornographers running prostitution rings, drug rings, etc.

I have absolutely no problem with adults performing and paying to see adult erotica on the web. None. But pornography I have a problem with, big time.