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Posted By: Little Hawk
11-Jan-03 - 10:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: If there is a God why is he hiding?
Subject: RE: BS: If there is a God why is he hideng?
Anyone can channel on behalf of the deity, GUEST. All they have to do is speak from the finest that is within them (from love, in other words). Anyone can also channel on behalf of the demonic too, simply by speaking from the fear, hatred, greed, etc, which are within them. People do both of these things frequently. Those who do the first more and the second less are helping improve matters around here.

Your problem with the "deity", I think, is this: you imagine it to be a huge theoretical someone who is separate from you...out there somewhere. It's not. It is a universal process that you are part of. You are within it. It's a field of consciousness and intention, manifesting as energy, matter, waveforms, thought, and so on. Since it's not separate from you, you can't get away from it (except you can, in the isolated consciousness of your mind, which says, "there is no God", after having invented a spurious, really silly definition of God in the first place.) Very clever!

Your assertion that belief in "supreme deities" is learned behaviour is a half-truth. Belief in Jehovah, Rama, Krishna, Allah, etc, certainly is behaviour learned in various cultures, as are the various forms of religious ritual. Brushing your teeth is also learned behaviour, by the way, and it's quite useful! Belief in the power and presence that all those names and rituals are meant to merely represent, however, is not learned behaviour, it's something that arises out of actual direct experience, and its an experience not tied to any religion. Most people are frankly, too stunned and distracted and addicted to various stuff most of the time to have such an experience, except in moments of tremendous personal crisis, when it may be thrust upon them, so to speak. Animals have that experience in a quiet natural way daily, and it affects their behaviour, specially around dawn and dusk, but I can't prove that to you. Nor would I care to try. I doubt it would mean a thing to you.

It is atheism which is a learned behaviour. It is learned only in highly mentally sophisticated human societies in which people have became so enamoured of their own intellect, science, politics, and various material creations that they have forgotten the more instinctive and subtle side of life (which animals have not)...and in fact they fear it greatly.

Atheism is the statement of a limited and mortal mind that IT is the only God, albeit a God that is doomed to a short, rather meaningless life, aging, and death. Atheism is also a reaction to archaic and oppressive religious traditions, which is why highly intelligent and logical minds can easily justify it and be drawn to it. I was an atheist when I was young for that very reason, and quite proud of it too.

In the end, however, the pride of the mortal mind is cold comfort. You are welcome to it if it suits you. But...the mortal mind dies. If you're young at this point, my saying that will have little or no effect on you whatsoever. To paraphrase the old proverb...there's no fool like a young fool. Most young people seem to think they are going to live forever, and that's why so many of them smoke, among other reasons, like peer pressure. They're whistling past the graveyard. They've got time to waste, so they think...

- LH