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Posted By: Rapparee
12-Jan-03 - 07:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: Pete Townshend a Child Fondler?
Subject: RE: BS: Pete Townshend a Child Fondler?
I have long wondered about the neutrality of the press. What point is served, other than fueling greed by catering to sensationalism, by printing this story? If there is guilt, let it be brought out in court.

As a public librarian who spent better than ten years as a system administrator; as someone who has designed, procured, installed and maintained networks and Internet access for public libraries, I have been more-or-less in the middle of the target in the debate on Internet filtering. Because of this, I have *deliberately* visisted pornographic websites on work time -- that is, the taxpayers paid my salary and for the hookup and equipment for me to do this. At no time, however, did I use any funds, either my own or the taxpayers', to enter these sites -- I only investigated the "free stuff."

I have seen sites which target such topics as necrophilia, masturbation, beastiality, pedophilia, sadism, masochism, copraphilia, and the rest of the long, sad litany. And these sites were usually broken down into what purported to be "gay" and "straight."

I noticed two things right off: first, no one's hair was ever disarranged and, second, that no one looked like they were having fun.

The result of this research was that I have no objections, either personally or professionally, to Internet filtering in the public library *as long as it is the decision of the local governing body and not imposed on the library from somewhere else*. I discovered that Internet filters aren't all that effective, but that some are better than others. And I reported these findings at two seperate library conferences.

Studies that demonstrate that abused children tend to grow up into abusers are useful, but we have to remember that a "tendency" or "likelihood" is not a certainty. There are many cases in history of abused children growing up to become absolutely wonderful adults (go look them up yourself if you are interested). I think that sometimes we put too little emphasis on what people can and do make of themselves.

Enough of this. The abuse of children or any helpless/unwilling creature is degrading of everyone's humanity. I don't like the death penalty, but I truly feel that there are some things which deserve the final "casting out" from society.

I will post no more on this subject.