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Posted By: JedMarum
12-Jan-03 - 10:04 AM
Thread Name: Review: Unique Civil War Biography
Subject: RE: Review: Unique Civil War Biography
CD - thanks very much for that text. I read it woth great enjoyment!

I understand Adam's point about evolution - but relaize that he failed to understand that evolution does not progress in a single straight line! In fact, I would say that Grant rise actually demonstrates 'survival of the fitest" very well indeed! Though, in this case we are not talking aout the evolution of education and culture as it is developed in a single human being and his position. It is rathter shown that across a given society, the man most suited to rise t the top will have the abilities required to bring success - in this case, win the damn war! The rebellion was not going to go away on its own, the rebels were going to figh to the death, the fact that the union had more war making machinery was not going to win the war - it had to be fought, fought hard, fought long and it had to be a complete and utter vistory. The generals at the head of the Union prior to Grant, just didn't have what it took to win under those circumstances. Grant did not have the spit and polish education or social skills - perhaps not even the intelligence that Adams presumed were necessary to prove a superior achievment of evolution - but he did know what was required to win the war.

Great thoughts here, all. Good insights, LH