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Posted By: Fadac
14-Jun-99 - 10:54 AM
Thread Name: The Mouse that Roared (Finding Your Voice)
Subject: RE: The Mouse that Roared (Finding Your Voice)
Quick comment on some of "our" inhabitons about singing.

Do you know the definiation of a Yankee Prodistant?

That is someone who rolls, and tosses, unable to sleep, because he knows that somebody, somewhere is having. FUN! (ohmygod)

Ok, just kidding a bit. But singing is fun, so some folks had to forbid singing. (execpt in church, maybe.) And Dancing. (Somewhere a little ditty, "I don't prance and I don't dance...)

I'm glad those days are long gone, but I think that some of the old taboo's are still alive.

Frankly, life is way to short to have to put up with that sort of nonsense.

Fadac - the looking for a voice coach man.