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Posted By: toadfrog
13-Jan-03 - 01:52 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Fine Sally (Brown Girl???)
Subject: Lyr Add: FINE SALLY
This is a fine song, I hope the DT has a place for it.

There was a rich lady, from London she came,
Fine Sally, fine Sally, fine Sally her name.
And she had more money than a king could possess.
Her neatness and her beauty was worth all the rest.

There was a young doctor who live-d nearby,
And it was on this young maid he casted his eye.
Controlled by her beauty, he held her most dear,
He courted her truly one day, plus one year.

One night as they pleasured he went to his knees
Crying, "Sally, oh Sally won't you marry me!"
She said, "I don't hate you Willie, nor no other man,
But to say that I love you is more than I can."

He clumb on his horse and away he did speed,
Sayin' "Sally, oh Sally, you'll pay for this deed!
I'll curse you Sally, all the rest of my days,
I'll never forgive you for your lyin' ways!"

Fine Sally took sick, and she know-ed not why,
Her chambers all thought that she surely would die,
They called for the doctor for want of a cure,
For her pain and her misery, they could not be endured.

He come up to her room, to her bed he drew nigh.
Her chambers they parted and moved to the side.
"Is that you, dear Willie, my sight it grows dim,
I fear for my present, and my future seems grim."

He said "Yes, I'm the doctor can cure or can kill,
But to say I forgive you is more than I will."
"Then damn your soul, Willie, you can be on your way,
For to beg you for mercy is not in my sway!"

From offen her fingers pulled diamonds ring three,
She says "Here is my token to remember poor me.
And as you dance on my grave sir, shed no tears for me,
But remember, you're dancing on Sally, your queen."

This is sung by Sheila Kay Adams, My Dearest Dear (2000). Liner notes say only, "I learned this ballad from Cas Wallin."