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Posted By: Shanty Kees
13-Jan-03 - 12:45 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Cry Like A Man
Subject: Lyr Add: CRY LIKE A MAN (Dan Penn)
Here they are:

CRY LIKE A MAN - (Dan Penn)

Take a look around you,
How much longer can you live this way,
Trash on the floor from weeks before,
It just gets deeper by the day,
Can't let go of that foolish pride,
You just keep it all locked up inside,
It's time to face the pain,
So stand up and cry like a man.

There's no one left to blame now,
She had her reason why she had to go,
The feelings you hid the love you couldn't give,
Kept her from touching your soul,
You need to break down that fortress inside,
And surrender to the tears in you eyes,
You'll never be free my friend,
Til you cry like a man.

There's no shame in letting teardrops fall,
It's a good thing it'll be all right,
A little rain can make the trees grow tall,
You've got to be strong,
So stand up and cry like a man.

You know she's gone for good now,
Your love is torn beyond repair,
But there's not a trace of a tear on you face,
There ought to be some there,
Those deep emotions you keep in the dark,
If you don't let them out they're going to freeze up you heart,
You'll never be in love again
Until you cry like a man.