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Thread Name: Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman
Subject: Lyr Add: THE MILLMAN SONG (John Calhoun?)
(John Calhoun?)
(from the singing of Herbert Hinchey)
(Doerflinger - 'Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman' - -pp285-286)

You tender hearted Christians, I pray you lend an ear
To a sad and mournful story you air about to hear.
'Twas of a love-lye country girl, young, innocent and fair
Content and free she seemed to be, without one thought or care.

Just blooming into womanhood, that pure and holy state,
And God ordained should be sustained in purity complete;
But alas, how often do we find, as down life's streams we glide,
Some gentle maid that's been betrayed away from virtue's side.

This was the sin that turned the tide of Mary Cuplon's life,
And truthfully she was to be a mother, not a wife.
And him that she has trusted to protect her through the strife,
To hide his shame and save his name took this poor creature's life.

As evening shadows gently fell o'er streamlets and o'er hill,
Young Mary went with purpose bent a meeting to fulfill.
Young Millman on that evening was waiting for her near,
With a murderous heart to do his part and end this girl's career.

They talked a while on matters; 'twas formless to their view,
This trusting maid seemed not afraid to walk some distance, too,
Until they came to a lonely spot well suited to the deed.
His murderous heart then did act its part; his victim there did bleed.

He clasped her then within his arms and hast unto the shore,
And soon afloat within a boat prepared by him before,
A rope he tied around her waist, and after tied a stone,
One gentle splash, and like a flash the murderer was alone.

Alone? Oh, no. All-seeing eyes was watching from on high
And God is just; the murderer must from His great vengeance fly.
The brand of Cain upon his brow, no rest again he'll find
Until upon the gallows high he'll expiate his crime.

Now, the river's searched, the body found; Now, Millman, hold your own,
For the best-laid plans of mice and men are oft-times overthrown.
The very means that you've employed to ward suspicion off,
And her sad end will surely tend to cut your young life short.

The rope, the rock, the pistol shot, the meeting at the gate,
Will help to hang the guilty man and end this sad estate,
Now. an inquest and a verdict next in quick succession came,
And to this awful tragedy they coupled Millman's name.

Now when the judge he read the sentence, a tear bedimmed his eye.
On the twenty-second day of June, Young Millman you must die.

Now, parents, here a warning take: no matter what in rue
You know you must discard the trust that God hath given you,
Until upon that rising day you're called before the throne
To answer for your children's sins as well as for your own.