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Posted By: JennyO
15-Jan-03 - 01:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: If there is a God why is he hiding?
Subject: RE: BS: If there is a God why is he hiding?
Actually, speaking as a pagan, I rather liked Kendall's post, although I don't think he'd come to tea at my place - it's a bit far - Sydney, Australia.

I'm curious to know what ideas you have about what pagans think!

One thing is for sure, a pagan is very open to all forms of spirituality. That is one thing I like about being a pagan. It has nothing to do with belonging to a particular group and making the rest wrong.

I grew up in a very repressive religious family, where we were told we were better than anybody else, only I never believed it. I always preferred to be loving and accepting of all beings, and only later discovered that there were other people who felt the same.

I actually would rather there were no labels. I have always taken what felt true for me and discarded the rest, and am still learning. That is what I am here for. Every experience, whether it seems good or bad, has been given to me so that I can learn and evolve. I would never judge another person because of his differences, because that is his path.

God is not hiding. You only have to look inside and all around you and love all that you are and all that the world is. It is only people's inability to do this that causes all the problems.