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15-Jan-03 - 04:02 PM
Thread Name: Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman
Subject: Lyr Add: RUFUS'S MARE
(George Calhoun)
(from the singing of David Alexander Smith)
(Doerflinger - 'Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman' -pp264-265)

Now, poor Ru-fus he has come to town.
No won-der that he is cast down.
It's the first time in man-y's the day
that he has walked here all the way.

Come listen to his tale of woe
And then the truth you soon shall know.
The reason why he walks today
Old Tozer stole his mare away.

When Tozer gave that mare to me
A useless brute she seemed to be
Upon three legs she had to go
The fourth one dangling to and fro.

Her hoofs then I did oil and pare.
I tended her with watchful care.
Before the year was at an end,
My little mare begin to men.

When she was well and free from pain
And fit to take the road again.
I lent her to that damned old clown
To go as far as Frederictown.

He drove to Estey's that same day
And there he traded my mare away.
A Central note that would not pass
He gave to bind the bargain fast.

It's when I heard what he had done,
I soon resolved to stop his fun.
I quickly followed on his track;
My little mare I soon brought back.

As I was in my field at work
It's there I saw this useless Turk
coming toward me through the field
His son-in-law was at his heels.

They never stopped to shake my hand;
My little mare they did demand.
Being two to one, I was forced to yield
And so they led her from the field.

Now I am cast down and sore oppressed
For the want of her I cannot rest.
I have no team to go to mill
Or haul my wood from off the hill.

Her empty stall, I view it now;
She used to stand besdie the cow.
No stall between them did divide;
To kick the cow she never tried.

Her harness hangs up by the wall.
I have no use for it at all.
The pung in which I took delight
It now seems hateful to my sight.

At length I heard this villian preach,
His words my heart could never reach.
Of going to Heaven I've heard him boast,
But down in Hell he'll surely roast!