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Posted By: nutty
15-Jan-03 - 10:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: Pete Townshend a Child Fondler?
Subject: RE: BS: Pete Townshend a Child Fondler?
Listening to a programme on the TV certain facts came to light ......

This investigation , into a single site identified approx 35,000 hits.

Of those 35,000 hits, 7,ooo approx were from people living in the British Isles.

As a result of the information passed to the police by the FBI, 40+ children have been identified and removed to places of safety.

Investigations are still ongoing into the activities of a high court judge , two former cabinet ministers and a deputy head teacher as well as numerous other "professional".

The police are prioritising the investigation by dealing first with those people who may pose a threat to children.

The FBI have revealed that their present investigation into another site is likely to produce similar results.

Whether or not Pete Townsend is guilty or just misguided, he had to be aware that he was breaking the law and that there were consequences to his actions. Every person entering those sites , for whatever reason, is responsible (in part) for a child being abused.