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15-Jun-99 - 04:53 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Love and Freedom (Hey Donald)
Subject: Lyr Add: LOVE AND FREEDOM^^
Well I did indeed post the lyric, but the new thread I created has disappeared!" Weird. Mary Brooksbank also wrote Ten and Nine, also called The Jute Mill Song or Oh Dear Me.
Here is the lyric.

Hey Donal', Ho Donal'
by Mary Brooksbank

As I cam by Strathmartine Mains
What dae ye think I see
But a braw young piper laddie come
A linkin' ower the green

Singin' Hey Donal', Ho Donal'
Dirrum a doo a day

He played a reel, an' he played a jig
An' he played a sweet strathspey
He roosed ma hairt till its beat kept time
Tae the tappin' o' my tae

Oh I've nae gowd tae offer ye
For I've gaithered little gear
But we'll hae love an' freedom
Gin ye'll follow me my dear

There's gowd in the broom o' the Sidlaw Hills
Honey frae the heather sweet
There's a speckled trout in the purlin' tarn
A velvet carpet neath oor feet

Syne he blew up his chanter
An' sic a spring he plays
That I chose love an' freedom
Now I wander a' my days