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Posted By: bernil
19-Jan-03 - 06:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: Have you seen the singing horses?
Subject: RE: BS: Have you seen the singing horses?
Högaffia hage was a TV-program for children but as I have no TV I haven't seen it.

I think I promised to try to translate but… I'm sorry, I didn't know how big the site was! I can't translate everything and it's also difficult to explain which animals to click on and so. But if you click the elk in the upper right corner (pendling between the telephone poles) you will find a funny game...
Click on the elk, then click on the telephone pole so the elk appears again. Click on the elk... The goal is to prevent the German tourists from catching the shit! When you manage, you get points. Yes, shit from elks is a very popular souvenir among German tourists but we want to keep it for ourselves! ;-) Some people make paper of it and sell!