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Posted By: Jim Colbert
21-Jan-03 - 08:59 AM
Thread Name: Death of PR Cassette
Subject: RE: Death of PR Cassette
I have no qualms with the demise of the PR cassette. I have a lot of cassettes in my collection that I made years ago, on quality blank cassettes, with great care given to levels, fades, etc. (Mostly dubs from vinyl, or later, from CD.) These have held up incredibly well, but in general the prerecorded cassettes I used to buy were generally high speed dubbed on cheaper magnetic tape, and commonly died with age and use.

Now there were exceptions- Tom Rush's New Year's Eve tape was of excellent quality, for instance, but these were indeed the exception.

I still make cassettes to listen to in my garage, or for friends sometimes. But I love my standalone audio CD recorder. (Which cost less, incidentally, than my last 3-head cassette recorder!)