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21-Jan-03 - 11:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: Tyranny?
Subject: RE: BS: Tyranny?
Tell that to the Pakistani mercenaries when they're having their way with you. Or with you husband.

You are the slave of a million federal, state and local laws. Absurd laws. You can't do what you want. You've been TOLD you can, and you pay your taxes and don't peep and buy into the lie.

All you folks with IRA's and savings...when the war comes (oh, that's right...the perpetual war is already here), well, the Republicans are just itching to freeze all privately-held bank accounts. As a 'reserve cash supply' to support the war effort. It's coming. They just changed the rules on 401K's so your employer no longer has to gurantee you'll receive anything when you retire (that in itself is a larger rip off than the S&L's, but Americans don't know or care about their history...Kim C. as an example...or they're too mesmerized by the Sopranos and the playoffs to hear the single little blurb on the news about 'congressional concern over retirement'.) Well, the governmental concern over retirement is that you might actually demand what you paid for. So they're just going to make it impossible for you to retire.

The day CNN ran the story about the change in 401K rules, they immediately followed it with a 'feel good' story about older Americans returning to the workplace in droves. Showed old-timers bagging groceries, etc., and the story said it was partly a sign of the times, but it sure beat boredom. I heard about the story, described it that way to a retired relative who said that was EXACTLY the way CNN (run by Army psy-ops) had aired the pieces.

And the bad thing about our situation now is that congress gave GWBush the authority to launch a war against ANY nation, at ANY time. I hope Iraq is just a diversion, but if it is, there's still GWBush with the power to launch any war he wants. That's unconstitutional. But if he DID launch a war, anywhere, your bank accounts would probably be frozen. Your IRAs would DEFINITELY be frozen.

The globalist-controlled government of the U.S. has taken us from record surpluses to deficits, and we have no manufacturing ability which can be used to pull us out of this slump. The stock market is being artificially propped up by the U.S. govt., and 401K money is now being stolen, and your life's savings are next. And once we are all in debt up to our ears, the money supply will be restricted. You won't be able to even get your hands on money. And, well, we will be told the only alternative is a 'cashless society'. That's why surveillance is such a big deal right now. The government plans to track and tax your every move and get you in debt 110% to the Company Store. That's why Wal-Mart has said by the end of the year, half of their products will contain tracking chips. Sand-sized chips that will be registered to you on check-out and which cops, satellites, etc. will be able to pinpoint thereafter. The hi-tech tyranny being set up is mind-boggling. And it will be used to control and tax. It will ultimately be used to determine whether you can breed...aggressiveness will be bred out of the human race.

Kim are more of a slave than you could ever imagine.