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21-Jan-03 - 12:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: Tyranny?
Subject: RE: BS: Tyranny?
All that WILL be declared illegal. It was in Argentina. The banks closed. You couldn't get your assets. But they still have their debts and are being threatened with eviction. So....the government says the way out is a 'cashless society'. That way, everything can be regulated to insure 'security'. They got the people in debt, then they told them that, to keep what they had, they had to switch to the new system.

That is happening in the U.S. Cash is going to undergo a change this year. Fewer twenties in circulation. You won't have cash, so you'll use some other form of card or check. In a couple of years the politicians will say they need to do something to help us out, and we'll be given national accounts. Just like in Argentina.

I don't see how that is so hard to understand. As far as why it's not done NOW, it's too soon. The global banking cartel doesn't want to blow up the planet...they just want 80-90% of us to die. And then, they'll control the population growth in the future. To crash the world economy now would mean chaos, and they can't be sure they'd survive the wars and plagues. They want to lower the world into a depression slowly, and then offer us a way out with hi-tech banking. Complete control over whether you eat or die. If you're bad this month, no food next month.

And as far as handguns, no one has the right to restrict them. They are ideal home defense. Small, can be locked up, deadly. And as you point out, small guns are no threat to the military, so why target them? And that 'for the children' argument has no validity. This bill is an assault against your ability to defend your home. The govt. wants you defenseless and tied to a debit card. THEN you have to do community service at 80 years of age or not earn your gruel.