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Posted By: Ron Olesko
21-Jan-03 - 02:29 PM
Thread Name: Death of PR Cassette
Subject: RE: Death of PR Cassette
Q, if you buy a decent CD-R then the disc will outlive you. It is true that some of the cheaper CD-R's, and some original CD's, were crap. The technology has fixed many of these problems, but you still should avoid the bargain basement generics.

Of course, CD's are not permanent solutions. Scratch a CD and you have a coaster. Hard drive digital storage with redundant protection is around the corner.

As for MiniDiscs, they are fairly indestructable. Because they are encased, you never touch the media so scratches are nearly impossible. Again, there are cheap MD's and defects will occur - mainly the gate that covers the disc will break.

Bill D - I would advise that if you have the time to listen to 2000 vinyl recordings you probably have the time to dub them onto another media. I have a similar situation and I've only transfered a few of my favorites, mostly material that I doubt will be re-issued on CD.

And a reminder from the late John Hartford - don't leave your records in the sun!