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21-Jan-03 - 03:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Tyranny?
Subject: RE: BS: Tyranny?
You're a big one for 'naming your sources' Ebbie, so why don't you look at the government's own releases? Go LOOK at the PATRIOT Act.

In the past two years, the 'conservative', 'smaller-government' Republican / Conservatives have:

Federalized education by tying fed money to national testing. You don't perform, your school doesn't get paid. And the curriculum (we saw this in Texas under Bush) will be simple-minded. The purpose is to dumb down the kids. The world government pulling our government's strings doesn't CARE about us. We've been bought off with material possessions and comfort. But the KIDS are being dumbed-down and brainwashed.

Federalized religion. In America. Against the Constitution. But the Bush junta has tied federal money to certain 'rules' for churches. And the churches are grabbing for all they can. With the money comes Federal control, though. The wall between church and state is now GONE.

Federalized cops. The Feds are giving local cops cars, guns, humvees, radar, and money for extra officers. And that was BEFORE the Homeland Security Act created a national police force...a Gestapo.

The McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform bill outlaws any organization which makes political contributions from mentioning in ads or interviews an incumbent's voting record 60 days before a general election or 30 days before a primary. Absolute violation of the First Amendment. This begins in 2004. But, so you won't know about it, the congress gave David Letterman and Jay Leno dispensation. THEY can continue with the jokes, but before the next election, hundreds of talk show hosts are going to disappear. Literally. For exercising freedom of speech.

And the PATRIOT Act...redefines domestic terrorism to mean anyone who commits a crime. Allows cops to go into your house and steal anything and plant surveillance devices whenever they want and never have to tell you or get a warrant.

And recent Executive can be named an enemy combatant by the President (Lenin once accidentally initialled a piece of paper that was an execution order for 10,000). And once you are an enemy combatant, you can be tortured and executed without ever seeing a lawyer. The CIA already killed one American to test this, and they got away with it (killed an American in Yemen, and a court ruled it was legal)

Go back and look at JFK's Executive Orders after the Cuban Missile Crisis...those orders alone created a dictatorial Presidency, under times of 'national emergency'

A Federal court recently ruled you can be drugged at any level of the imprisonment system, before trial. So, if you are taken in for speeding, they can shoot you full of Thorazine. In America.

Federal courts have ruled the government can now take your property without compensation

The Homeland Security Act mandates the quarantine of all U.S. cities for the 'threat' of a bioattack.

The Germans got tagged at Nuhremburg for not crossing their Ts and dotting their I's. They tried to claim everything they did was according to German law, but it wasn't. The American Reich won't make the same mistake. There are Multiple layers of legal coverage on every heinous crime you can imagine...just waiting there to present to the world court after the culling process is over in America.

I mean, what does it TAKE to spook you folks? LOOK at the legislation. It's not imagined and it's not nonsense. I gather most of you Americans are Democrats...liberals...well, I guess that's why you're supporting this stuff. It's Communism in action. But did you factor in the concentration camps? Do you think they're not for YOU?

The gun stuff above...the new bill...they're just now implementing the horrific details of the 1968 Gun Control Act, which technically disarmed Americans, but it took them 35 years to grow teeth enough to enforce it. And now they are. So all the stuff I just outlined may seem impossible to enforce, but it's not. U.N. troops pouring into America will see to that. And it could happen overnight.