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Posted By: clansfolk
22-Jan-03 - 06:00 AM
Thread Name: Death of PR Cassette
Subject: RE: Death of PR Cassette
The obvious advantages when copying a tape/record etc onto the computer is the added advantage of being able to "clean-up" the recordings - by using a stand-alone CD recorder all you will do is have a copy of a noisy wow ridden recording but on a format that won't degrade at the same rate as the original.

With a bit of work via a PC and a good wav editing program (I use Sound Forge XP with all the plug-ins)an old tape/record can sound so much better and nearer what the Artist and recording engineer intended for you to hear!

Of course if you feel the "pops hiss and crackle" is an essential part of your listening pleasure - you can always re-record your new cds onto the computer and add these essential qualities to them!!

When copying to the PC it's best to go in through the usb port (leads are available) and a pre amp for a record deck would be "handy" - thus cutting out pre amp stages on your sound card.