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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
22-Jan-03 - 05:51 PM
Thread Name: Death of PR Cassette
Subject: RE: Death of PR Cassette
"They don't want" - I'm not implying a conspiracy by the various private companies involved so much as an act of abdication by our servants in government and so forth, who have the responsibility to to ensure continuity and so forth, and to think longterm.

"If I have that, I'd assume that libraries will do too." I don't it is possible any longer to assume that kind of thing.

Not even for 50 years, and that is is a pretty short period in this kind of context. I've got books on my shelves which go back four times that long, and I wouldn't call them particularly old. That's physical books. When it comes to the contents of books, most of us I imagine have some which go back several thousand years.

But it seems that in our present time short-termism rules. And short-termism is potentially terminal.