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Posted By: Felipa
22-Jan-03 - 06:13 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Daniel O'Connell and His Steam Engine
Subject: Tune Add: DANIEL O'CONNELL
tune for verses posted 21 Nov 02, copied from DT study thread, where the tune for the DT version (see first version on this thread) can also be found. (I think the stanzas need to be aligned better. but you should still be able to make it out)

T:Daniel O'Connell (2)
N:from Bill Meek, "Irish Folk Songs", 1997
z4B B|e2E2E2|G2F2E2|B2B2B2|G E3EE|
w:Com-ing home from the fa-ir I met an old wo-man With a A2A2A2|G2B2G2|D2G2B2|c4B2|e2E2E2|
w:hump on her back and she blind of an eye,The day be-ing (G2F2)E2|B2B2A2|G E3E2|A2A2A2|G2B2G2|
w:warm_ I sat down be-side her,What news of this Man? the old F2E2E2|E4B B|A2f2f2|(f2e3)f|g2e2e2|
w:wo-man did cry.Sure there's no news at all_re-plied the bold c2B2B2|B2f2f2|f2e2f2|g2e2e2|e4(ef)|
w:trav-ler,Ex-cept that I'm wish-ing he ne-ver had been,con_
w:-cer-ning our he-ro brave Dan-iel O'-Con-nell,Who's now mak-ing
w:chil-dren in Dub-lin by steam.