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Posted By: Mr Happy
23-Jan-03 - 10:14 AM
Thread Name: Folk Festivals PermaThread
Subject: PELs-RE: Folk Festivals PermaThread™
Here in England & Wales we are once again on the threshold of the Folk Festival season.

Camping, singing, music making, dancing, eating, drinking & cavorting,meeting up with old friends, & generally making merry in the great outdoors, with plenty of good company & great craic!

A tremendous opportunity presents itself for 'mass disobedience' & flouting of the obscenely restrictive Public Entertainment Licencing rules.

Will the 'jobsworths' be hard on our tails, stopping spontaneous outbreaks of humming, whistling,rhythmic swaying,foot tapping, clapping, & so on?

Could there be mass arrests of subversive criminal morris dancers & folk musicians & singers?

Those with caravans on festival campsites could engage in holding 'legal' music sessions in their vans by towing them around the field, thus taking advantage of the 'moving vehicle' exemption!

The authorities would need to set up special fenced camps with watchtowers to contain the hundreds of trios of 'Somerset folksingers'
& other traditional culture political prisoners!

And of course Howells'[Jowett's] & Blair's secret agenda stealth tax in the form of £20,000 per head in fines could be justified by all the £millions raised to subsidise 'our boys'& 'their boys' sponsored murder & maiming in the next Middle East conflict.

What say you?