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23-Jan-03 - 05:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Tyranny?
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COLMES: And you firmly believe that what happened on September 11 will happen again in the United States?

(Former Senator) GARY HART: Yes, well, not that. What will happen sooner rather than later is probably a biological attack on multiple targets in the center of this country. Probably smallpox in Denver, Cleveland, and Dallas.

(Gary Hart is a member of the CFR...Council on Foreign of the globalist groups which is orchestrating the end of American we can be absorbed into a world government. Ten years ago, people were denying the CFR even existed...anyone who mentioned it was a 'conspiracy theorist'. And now, every time there is a terrorist attack on America, Hart makes an appearance and outlines what new repressive legislation is going to be passed, what rights Americans will be expected to give up, etc. The CFR makes these pronouncements as suggestions or predictions, but they're in actuality a peek ahead at what is to come. The CFR GUIDES U.S. doesn't advise. But Hart tore his pants in this interview. He named the cities the globalists plan to attack next. The globalists NEED a war with Iraq so the CIA can release smallpox in Denver, Cincinnatti and Dallas, and blame it on Saddam Hussein. If this really does happen as Hart said, all cities in the U.S. will be cordoned off in a matter of hours once smallpox appears, and no one will be allowed to leave. Within 4 days there will be massive food riots in the cities, and the police will be ordered to stand down, like they were during the L.A. riots. Rioters are expected to kill any 'resistance movement' within the cities...people who have guns, water, food, Bibles, etc, (thus saving the military that task). Outside the cities, fleeing city-dwellers will pillage and kill, and after a couple weeks the Bush Company will bring in 'foreign assets'...U.N. troops...peons from third-world countries who will shoot you for your gold fillings. Gary Hart is a terrorist, folks, and he just arrogantly told us what is going to happen next. He also said 'sooner rather than later', and the fascist Hannity praised him for being 'ahead of the game' when it comes to calling terrorist attacks.)