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Posted By: Uncle Jaque
23-Jan-03 - 08:34 PM
Thread Name: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
Subject: RE: Wanted - 'Catters with CDs
Name:   J. Cardigan Clarke ("Uncle Jaque")

Biography: Born feisty; weaned on pickles, and grew up wormy.

Contact info: MC PM or

How much you need to make from each CD: Ten bucks would be nice I suppose. What's the going rate?

Details, if there is another supplier involved:

Have one master CD from the Studio from which we burn copies on our home PC. This is rather time-consuming, but I do not anticiate such popularity as to make this shortcoming an issue.

Album Name:   "Home From The Hill"

Tracks: Title:

1.   "Morning Has Broken" Low "G" Flute*; Trad'l..
2.   "Adam Bell" Bb Military Fife; Trad. Martial Air c.1812
3.   "Minguolay Boat Song" Flute, Vocal; Scots Trad.
4.   "Battle Cry Of Freedom" Fife; G.F. ROOT, 1862
5.   "Jerusalem"   Guitar, Voc.; J. CLARKE, Circa 1989
6.   "Frog in the Well " Fife; Civil-War Period Minstrel / Trad.
7.   "Lorena" Guitar, Voc.;Rev.H.D.L. WEBSTER & J.P. WEBSTER,1857
8.   "Nearer My God To Thee" Flute; Chas. BEECHER, c. 1845
9.   "Beautiful Feet" Guitar/Voc. J. CLARKE Circa 1984
10. "Old Ship of Zion" Flute; From "Southern Harmony" c.1835;
       Arranged by J. Clarke.
11. "Battle Hymn of the Republic" Guitar/Fife; J.W. HOWE; 1861
       Arranged by J. Clarke & Kim Bean
       from arrangement of the 3rd Maine Fife & Drum Corps.
12. "Lower Lights" Guitar/Voc. P.P. BLISS c. 1880(?)
13. "Going Home"   Flute; Trad. Spiritual, Early/Mid 19th Cen.
14. "Requiem"   Guitar/Voc.; Poem by R.L. STEVENSON, 1887;
      Music by J. CLARKE, May 2001.
15. "Amazing Grace" "Gilead" Walnut Flute*; Trad.Gospel,
      John NEWTON; c. 1850

      * The "Gilead" low-"G" open-holed primitive Irish-Style flute is one I turned, carved, bored and sculptured from a block of American black walnut in the year 2000.

   This is my first attempt at a Studio Recording, and was certainly a learning experience for a 19th-Century sort of Musician. With very limited time and no prior studio recording experience, it came out pretty well.

Although I considered this project essentially a "Demo", I have since recieved favorable feed back from several Friends and Family Members who I have given copies to.

I have saved a few of the tracks as Mp3 files, which I could send as an E-mail attachment to anyone with the capacity to handle large files or could send one demo CD copy via the USPO for evaluation if need be.

Let me know if interested.